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"I wasn't sure about putting the property on the market in October."

Due to the time of year, Sandy Atkins was concerned about listing her lake property in the Fall. With the help of John Coley, she was convinced it would be in her best interest to list her home now versus waiting till the start of Spring.

Read Sandy's experience story with Lake Martin Voice Realty and what advice she has for you.


"After nine years of being on the lake, I really was thinking about whether or not I wanted to sell. I really had not made up my mind."

This was Sandy's second home which she had bought individually on the lake nine years prior.

Why The Lake Martin Voice Realty Team?

John happened to be Sandy's neighbor and she was familiar with his work and real estate company. In hopes of gaining advice, she invited him out to her property to take a look around. John surveyed the property, reviewed the property lines and pulled some comparables for selling potential. Sandy was pleased with his presentation and decided to list with him.

What Stuck Out To You?

Sandy's property showed a few times quickly in the beginning but didn't get any offers. She worried if there was something turning off potential buyers. John provided constructive feedback from other realtors who had shown the property thus far. She was also anxious about her closing process including the contract negotiations and home inspection report. John was very patient and desired to remain fair to her as the seller and the buyer. 

How Was John Coley Different?

John hired a licensed photographer to come and take photos of her home including drone footage which provided a 360 view of the lake property. John's marketing skills were impressive and she noticed he had a more interactive feeling to his advertising. He provided weekly reports to Sandy which highlighted current activity on the market and statistics about the interest her home was incurring from viewers. In addition, John provided guidance on whether to sell Sandy's lake home with her furniture included or not, plus the advantages of home staging for her buyers. 

Professional Photography



Sandy's Advice to You

If you're considering selling your home, my advice would be to 

"Have someone walk you through the process. Having an agent in your corner will make you feel more confident in understanding processes and steps. From start to finish John helped me determine the value of my property."

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